Rockaway Beach, OR 97136, United States

Ground Scaffolding and Planks

Brighton Vista owns and rents and large variety of ground scaffolding and 12' scaffold boards.

12' Laminated Scaffolding Planks: $15, approx 500 in Stock

24'' Screw Jacks: $5 Each approx 500 in Stock

10'X48'' Cross Braces: $7.50 each approx 300 in Stock

10' Snap on Guardrail: $5.00 each, approx 100 in Stock

3'X6'8'' Snap on Walk Through Frames $12 Each Approx 300 in Stock

Many other pieces available for less than 1/2 the cost of new

Bridge/Work Access Platforms and Scaffolding


Heavy Equipment Rentals and Sales